B. C. Blues: A Sierra Scott Mystery

It started out as a typical gal’s party weekend. But instead of shopping, eating, and seeing the sights, Sierra and Joan find themselves searching for a killer. Maybe someone else would leave this for the police…but this involved family.

Sierra and Joan arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia to attend a cousin’s wedding. Excited to help with last minutes details, joy turns to terror when the bride to be is found dead in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.
The incident is called a tragic accident, but things aren’t adding up. Sierra and Joan make a pact to discover the truth. They aren’t the police, but they are determined.
Sierra’s mantra is…“it never hurts to ask.” Joan believes…“it’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission.”
You can always ask, right?
Asking questions and following hunches leads them to former lovers, and strange, twisted family ties. They soon find themselves in a cat and mouse game that takes them from the Golden Triangle in downtown Vancouver up to Whistler, the premier skiing resort, and down the mountain again.

Its winner take all as Sierra and Joan struggle to stay one step ahead of a deadly adversary…who doesn’t like to lose.