about sylissa

About Sylissa

Sylissa blends the genres of mystery and suspense, with a touch of romance. She champions the underdog as she writes about ordinary people, caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Then, she lets the sparks fly.

This avid writer, traveler, art collector, and nature lover is an American born in the UK. She lived for a time in Germany, France, and numerous places across the United States, before settling in Boise, Idaho. Recently heeding her inner Mermaid, she picked up her notebook, sold her home, and moved to the Garden Isle, in the State of Hawai’i.

Loving to travel as much as she enjoys ‘talking story’, she weaves international destinations into her books, making the locations just as important as her characters. Sylissa is a huge dog lover (literally), having owned both Saint Bernards and Great Danes. She’s recently added a Blue Merle Great Dane puppy to her household.

Her Mystery series and stand-alone novels have garnered national notoriety, awards, and prizes. Her very first published novel was a Golden Heart Finalist in Contemporary Romance. Several of her short stories have been selected for inclusion in some Top 10 anthologies.

Sylissa has been on panels at various writers’ conferences, loves to meet her fans at book signings, and enjoys conducting educational seminars about writing, and public speaking.

She seldom passes up an opportunity to talk about writing. Mahalo and Aloha.